How to buy?

All prices are in euro and all taxes and VAT are included. The shipping charges, import duries and other taxes, if any in the country of the buyer, are for for the buyer's account. These charges will be mentionned by mail. All the shipments are send by registered post.

Payment methods

you can pay by paypal! You can pay by national and international banktransfer.

Bank account

Bank ING accountname Didier Gregoire - Pili-Pili
IBAN BE79390044258933

once you recieved the shipment you have 7 days to accept it. If you are not statisfied with the received items you can send it back to us. We will pay you the entire ammount (exel. the shipmentcotst).

Buy in the shop

You can also buy directly in the shop.
from April till September from thuesday till Sunday. from October till match from thursday till Saterday.
From 11 AM till 6 PM
Other appointments can be made by tell.
(00)+32 475 68 53 76
Pili-Pili is clodes during the buying trips.The closing periodes of the shop will be mentionned on the site.